Gadgets have changed our lives, but they have also took over our lives. If iPhone is a portable computer, then Shibaful would be a portable park. Shibaful combine gadgets and grass, so anyone can feel like they are relaxing in a lawn wherever they are.

Shibaful was born in April 2013 as the world's first lawn-textured iPhone case, created with Yoyogi Park of Tokyo in mind. Our original blend of pile was planted into an iPhone case by Japanese craftsmen using electrostatic flocking technology. As a finishing touch, a top coat was added in order to prevent the pile from falling out.


It easily picks up dust due to the special qualities inherent in a flocked product.By use official cleaning brush made in Japan, dust and dirt can be cleared comfortably without damaging the lawn. Also it can be washed with water.


By running a high voltage electrical current through flock (short fibers), which are stuck on the base material such as plastics or metals, with adhesive ,it is possible to stick the flock on perpendicular to the base material. This process is known as electrostatic flocking. It is used often on the insides of glasses cases and the dashboards of cars.

Laser Engraving

The markings, engravings, and cutting of our products is done through using the destructive power of the laser beams. It can be used to cut through wood, leather, or even metals. This process is called laser cutting and engraving.It is often used to carve names for into gifts, processing plastics, or creating models.This technology is easily accessible for a cheap price, so many people own it.