Our Brand

In 2013, we established Shibaful as our own lifestyle brand which began working with the lawn iPhone case. ’Shiba’ in Japanese means grass.
Shibaful is committed to providing unique perspectives for daily life and developing creative products that make life interesting and surprising.

We are based in Japan market, and through retail sales channels, including, Loft, Tokyu Hands, ISETAN, TSUTAYA Book Store and BEAMS, in Japan. We also sold through MoMA Stores, Opening Ceremony, Nordstrom, Selfridges, Urban Outfitters, Bryant Park,
Pride works, Naiise, HMV, Bauhaus, Eslite, Studio A and another 150 stores in the overseas market.

Shibaful has been launched a lot of co-branded products with many famous Characters like Disney, Mario, Pokemon, Hello Kitty, STAR WARS, MARVEL, miffy, SNOOPY, etc.

We handle import agency products and original brand products.


We are based in Japan, and through retail sales channels, Tokyu Hands, Loft, ISETAN, TSUTAYA, and BEAMS, in Japan. We will introduce overseas products to our clients as a distributor.


We regularly hold pop-up stores at commercial facilities in major cities. It is available in multiple categories such as Shibuya Hikarie, Loft, bookstores, and sports specialty stores.


We are exhibiting at various exhibitions, large and small, from the Tokyo Gift Show to specialized exhibitions, and we operate the booth from planning and construction to sales.

Collaboration and Licensing

We are developing licensed products with the professional baseball team, football team, rugby team (ALL BLACKS, etc.), and golf brand, Automotive brand (Renault, VW, Nissan, etc.), famous character (like Disney stars, Pokemon, Mario, Hello Kitty, STAR WARS, MARVEL, miffy, SNOOPY, etc.)


Customization and Corporate Gifting

Give your regulars, loyal followers, and biggest fans something to show off. When you customize our award-winning coffee gear, you’re not only ensuring quality, but you’re also providing a beautifully branded moment for your customers to share. Click the link below to get a quote and get the creative wheels turning with the help of our customization team.